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Friday, May 8, 2009

More Photo's, Can Feel A Layout Comin' On!

Our daughter, Ashleigh, has decided she wants to do riding lessons, so she had her assessment last Sunday. Wow, I can't believe what they do in that first assessment! She learned to tack (brush, clean hooves, saddle etc) and untack (brush, remove saddle/bridle, redo the hooves etc) AND she had a riding lesson in there as well. This is Merlin and he's a 12 yr old horse with the most laid back atittude. Just beautiful. Ashleigh fell in love with him. She is going to be a natural I think and she comes by it honestly! She goes for her first private lesson this wknd and she's counting the hours now. She asked us how far she could go with this and we told her that people can go all the way to the Olympics, there's nothing stopping her from going as far as she can, that she's to follow her dreams and let nothing stand in her way. Ashleigh then told us "I'll be rich one day, Mommy and Daddy! I'll make $1000 and I'll be able to buy you everything you want and STILL have money left!" Ahhh, the dreams and innocence of a child....

I just ordered the Sasparilla paper pack and stickease from CTMH and can't wait to get these into a layout. I'll be sure to post it when I get it done! Unfortunately, the last photo is in the arena and I can't get the lighting right in there, so it's a bit dark.


dolcreations said...

Great pictures Karen.

Kelli said...

What a lucky girl!