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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lazy Days Of Summer, Layout

I decided to try to get a layout or 2 done today since it hasn't been the nicest weather here in Ontario. Never is on the May long wknd! One thing about me, my scrapbooks usually aren't in chronological order. I've tried that, but then I get behind and it's just to hard. So, I've started just doing pages when I feel like it and adding to my books.

This one is about our son. He'll be 13 in June. Unbelievable really!! This was last summer. The pond is over at my in-laws and every spring, Andrew can't wait to get over there and see what he can find. He comes out with all kinds of treasures! The snake is one he found here at home. If you enlarge the pics, you should be able to read my journalling.

This paper pack is called "Lazy Days" from CTMH with the matching Stickease. It's no longer available, but I enjoyed putting this particular layout together with it and I hope you enjoy it to!

EDIT: I meant to tell you that this layout design is from CTMH "Cherish" book. I've altered it a little to fit my photo's, but this is a MUST HAVE for all you scrapbookers out there!


dolcreations said...

First off...where is summer...don't they realize its the long weekend!!!
Love that paper pack. I actually have used it in my scrapbook!! Great job you did..I love all the pictures and how you layed them out. What is that long thing your son is holding up?!!!!!

Linda Cain said...

Beautiful! So Andrew!!

Karen Wilson said...

Hi Christine! That thing my son is holding up is a little wee snake! SSSSssss!! LOL! Growing up in his dad's shadow, he has NO fear of these things!