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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Happy Birthday, Hayden" Cars Layout

This is a layout I put together using my new 'Disney Cars' cricut cartridge. I have to say, there's alot of cutting and piecing together for this car! It's worth it in the end though. Alot of little pieces, so patience is a virtue with this one. I handwrote the info on the trophy as I like to have a little of 'myself' in all my layouts. This was last yr, my nephew's 5th birthday. He loves Cars, so thought this would be perfect!

I hope he likes it!


Danni said...

That is so cool!! How fun!

Karen Wilson said...

Hi Danni!! It was fun to do! It definately takes time and patience though. Alot of then piecing it all together. I am sure it'll be easier the second time around.

Kelli said...

Beautiful Karen, gotta love the cricut!

Lee Ann said...