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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Just HAVE To Share This!!

I was so excited to receive this email today that I HAD to share! But this means you'll have to scroll down to my PROJECT TUESDAY post and my PUPPY LOVE post! Sorry!! Ok, so check this out!! Remember my tree frog release photo's? Well, I sent them to our local Metro Toronto Zoo and I had a reply this morning!!

"I would love to include one or two of the pictures you sent in our Fall newsletter (which will be published sometime in October)! We will be featuring FrogWatch pictures from across the province and a release picture and your beautiful gray treefrog picture would be fabulous to include! I will send you a copy once it's finshed! Thanks for sharing your story!"
How awesome is that?? I'm SO excited! I'll post the page from the newsletter once I have it!


Michelle said...

woohoo Congrats to you!!!

Mel said...

Woop Woop!
Well done you! Thats totally fab! Bet your well happy!

Cant wait to see this!!
Hugs melly xxx

Stef H said...

oh my goodness! you're a celebrity now!!!! WOOOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! how exciting! i'm just jumping for joy - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

and look who's got a stunning new profile picture!!!!!!

hugs :)

Jean Addis said...

You deserve the recognition for your fabulous photography! Congratulations.

dolcreations said...

Way too go Karen...maybe you need to start a scrapbook showcasing your pictures!!!!!

Rose said...