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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Vacation!

Good morning! Thought I would check in and say hello. We're on holidays this week, just sticking close to home, but enjoying family time and R&R. Oh and working on Ashleigh's NEW bedroom (lookin' good!). Yesterday Andrew and his best friend went down to this really neat biking place that has ramps, jumps, foam pits etc and poor Thomas landed wrong and his foot slipped off the petal and went under the petal and long story short, after a very (I'm impressed at this...) SHORT time in ER, he has 3 fractured bones in the top of his foot and has to wear a walking cast and use crutches for a couple weeks. Could have been ALOT worse. Him and his mom stopped in to see us and all Thomas said was "This really sucks!" No kidding!! Today is looking like another hot one, it was 38* with the humidex yesterday, supposed to be the same today. Maybe time to get creative?? Hubby's gone on his bike for a bit and it's quiet. I have a couple challenges I want to do and I'm down to the wire on one!!

 Hope everyone's enjoying their week! I am!!


dolcreations said...

I really hope you have a wonderful holiday!!!! Can't wait to see the crafty stuff you make!!!!

Danni said...

Enjoy!!! Hope to see some creations from ya!! :-)