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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cricut "Dreams Come True" Project

My niece's 4th birthday is this Saturday and she decided she wanted a princess party, since she's quite the little princess!! She LOVES to dress up and last week my parents stopped by and then came by here and mom had to show me a picture of Maddie dressed as Snow White. So cute! So, my sister asked me if I could come up with a tiara idea that she could use for a craft and then the kid's could wear them. I went through my "Dreams Come True" and cut out 12 tiara's. The kid's will decorate them and then have them fitted to their little heads!
Here's what I did in case you want to try it yourself!
  • Dreams Come True cartridge
  • FIT TO PAGE (12x12) pg 40 ICON arlerc2(this cuts the crown at 7")
  • You'll be left with enough paper to cut 2 strips of 2x12 - this is what goes around the child's head
  • AUTO FIT (12x12) pg 40 SHIFT ICON arlerc2(set your size at 6" for this one - this cuts the piece for the front of the crown - you'll get 2 per page, but if you reload your pg, you can actually get 3)

Now you need to make sure you have velcro tabs which you can get at the dollar store and then let the kid's decorate away! Once their crown is dry, place it on their heads to get an idea where to add your velcro and you're done! You'll have a bunch of little princes and princesses running around!!

I'll get my sister to send me some pics of the finished products to post over the wknd, so stay tuned!!


Lee Ann said...

Oh, awesome! Maddie will love these!

Ashleigh said...

So cool Mommy! Can't wait to decorate these!

Kelli said...

Very Nice!