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Friday, January 29, 2010

Best Friends

Good morning! WOW, did it get cold here last night!! This morning it was -20*C without the windchill, that's just nasty. Our patio doors were frozen shut and in trying to pry them open for the dogs to go out, the noise scared the little pup and he won't go near them now. I have to carry him! I was going through Ashleigh's camera and found these photo's (I took the one of her and Buddy) and wanted to share. How's this for best friends?? Our house is a happy, but busy household these days and Buddy has fit right in. It's so fun to watch Riley teach him things (good AND bad habits, lol) and to see the kid's both out and all 4 playing together. These are memories in the making.
Have a great day and stay warm, or cool, wherever you may be.


dolcreations said...

Such adorable pictures!!!!

Larisa said...

they are so cute ))It is always nice if there are animals/pets in home ))))