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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Precious Moments

I've been trying to figure out all the settings on my camera, so I've been playing around with it alot. I put some of our Christmas stuff up on Monday as we have a Christmas party next wknd and I didn't want to be running around all stressed out. Last night we had family over and we were visiting and I caught Ashleigh looking at all the Christmas balls on our arch (yes, this is actually a 7.5' garland arch and it's beautiful!) so I had to grab my camera. To me this is one of those precious Christmas moments. Christmas is huge in our house as it's our favourite holiday of the yr. Followed very closely by Thanksgiving.

Here's a little story for you! My husband and son spent hours putting up all the outside lights a couple weeks ago and you'll never guess what happened!! We were talking by the front door and we saw this squirrel run by with something in it's mouth. It had chewed about a 12" pc of wire right off the strand and took off with it! Since then, we have seen them running by with more wire, bulbs...I don't get it. Needless to say, all the lights we put up and the money we put out on new lights this yr is all gone. We have a few lights here and there, but that's it. We've never had this happen before!!! Our house is known for it's lights as Keith goes crazy every year...I don't know if he'll even bother now or if it's even worth it. Gotta love those squirrels....

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dolcreations said...

Your pictures are beautiful Karen! The squirrels around here have been doing some strange things too! We have been here 14 years and never seen them hide corn cobs in the strangest places..EVER! so maybe they know something we don't!
Love the new blog look! Very very nice!