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Monday, November 2, 2009

A Really Cute Witch and a Twilight Pumpkin!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween. Andrew went out with his friends, I didn't get a picture as he wouldn't let me, plus, being 13, he didn't really dress up much! He did wear a mask, so that was something. Ashleigh was supposed to be Tinkerbell, but with being sick all week and it was a cold/damp night, we went with an old costume she had at last minute. It was really windy. She would have lost her wings. As it was, we had to run home and make a pitstop to add a ribbon tie to her hat. It wouldn't stay on. She did about 15 houses and then she asked to come home. We were home by 8. There was hardly any kid's out up in our area. We didn't have one child come to our door! A friend sent me the pumpkin via email. Is that cool or what?? That one's for all you Twilight fans. We have our very first retreat on "New Moon" opening night, so looks like I'll be waiting a couple days to see it, which will likely be to my benefit as far as lineups!
Have a great day!


Danni said...

She is so cute! And that pose just screams attitude! FUN!!

Jennifer Meyer said...

Sweet pictures Karen and WOW your pumpkins are awesome ~ FANTASTIC job!

I too can't wait for New Moon! Hugs, Jennifer :)