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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our Very FIRST Weekend Scrapbooking Retreat Is Almost Here!

I can't believe it's only 3 weeks away...our very first scrapbooking retreat! My friend Kelli and I run a monthly scrapbookers club in town and we decided to try our hand at hosting a retreat. Well, we're doing amazing! We're almost full and we have ppl coming in last minute to see if we have room left! This week we've been getting emails and phone calls. It's so exciting! We have to have final numbers in on Nov 11th. It's being held 5 min's from my house, so that's convenient for me! We have some special events taking place, demo's, classes..all free of charge AND we've decided to do a "Trade or Sell" event on Friday night along with 'Mock'tails. Bring anything you'd like to sell or trade off for something else! We're offering both weekend and day options and we have both filling up nicely, so we're really excited. We've already booked the conference center for next June and Nov!!

If anyone out there is interested in coming, send me an email and I'll send you all the details!! We're located an hour north of Toronto, an hour south of Barrie, right on Lake Simcoe. The rest will be in email. I wish all my US friends could come, would be so fun to meet everyone. I promise to post pics and details of all the fun we have.

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Danni said...

I so wish I could come! Can't wait to hear about all your fun!