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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Last yr we did a scavenger hunt and the kids loved it. This yr, my (almost) 13 year old ended up being my helper (yep, he's apparently growing up) and we had a lot of fun. So, here were Ashleigh's clues...
  1. In your front room, the furniture is red. What rhymes with red? It's something you use each and every night! Look under it and you'll find a treat and another clue! **BED**
  2. In your computer room, there's a shelf full of ______? This word rhymes with 'COOKS'...look here for a treat and another clue! **BOOKS**
  3. Mommy puts her towels in ________ Look here to find a treat and another clue! **BATHROOM CUPBOARD**
  4. What is mommy's favorite room in the house? Look here for a treat and another clue! **SCRAPBOOK ROOM**
  5. Daddy has tons of these in his room ______ this word rhymes with 'DISH' **FISH**
  6. I am a washer, but I don't wash clothes, what am I? Look here to find your last treat! **DISHWASHER**

She had SO much fun figuring out all her clues. I couldn't believe it though when she came running in at 6am!! Needless to say, there's no pics of her hunting bc no one was up! LOL! She brought each clue back to me in bed and then off and running she went! She was done and skipping with her new skipping rope by 6:40am!!!!!!! '

Here's her Easter treats. She took the eyes off her cat already....before I had a chance to get a pic!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


Christine said...

Wow I wish I was Ashleigh....she did ok!!! I remember when I got a skipping rope for Easter I absolutely loved it. Lucky little girl!!

Hope you guys had a great day!!
Thanks for the comments on the blog! Always love to hear from everyone!!!

Karen Wilson said...

Hi Christine! Yep, both kids did well! She loves to skip, I just don't know how much my brother appreciated is as he was on the couch! LOL!

Your blogs looking great and I've added it to my blog list as well!