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Monday, April 6, 2009

Catch That Snowball!

I feel a scrapbook layout coming on!! I had to share these. This is my daughter, Ashleigh, and our newest addition to the family, Riley. He's not quite 5mths old and he's already about 62 lbs or so!! Anyway, he absolutely LOVES snow and as you can see, we have quite alot of snow on the ground today. It's not very nice at all, seeing as it's spring!! LOL! So, Ashleigh was throwing snowballs up and Riley caught every one of them!! They had a ball out there, so had to take some pics and I'll have to do a layout. At least someone was enjoying it!!


Ashleigh Wilson said...

Aww Mommy!! I love these pictures, they're so cute!! Riley is so cute!

Lee Ann said...

very cute!

Kelli T said...

Riley's getting so big!