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Friday, April 27, 2012

A Trip To The Heritage School House

Sorry, not a layout YET!!! I had a chance to drive down to a trip Ashleigh was on today and oh, I am SOOO glad I was able to go. They went to the "Heritage School House" and they've been preparing for weeks by watching Little House On The Prairie and learning about pioneers. The girl's were taught to sew and made their bonnets, shawl and apron and the boys made a handkerchief. The girl's wore pioneer dress and the boys as well - they wore checkered shirts, suspenders .. omgoodness, they were all do darn cute! I'd love to post a pic, but without parental consent, it wouldn't be right. But trust me, they were adorable. They each had a character to roll play for the day "April 27th, 1900". One of the kid's kept coughing and it turns out his 'character' was sick lol. I can't wait to get these on a layout. The kid's learned what it was like to live in the 1900's and go to school (STRICT!!) and they had to "Yes Ma'am", "No Ma'am", curtsy, bow ... it was AWESOME!! So here's some pics of my baby girl (ok, she'll be 12 in Oct lol) but isn't she just stinkin' ADORABLE!!!?? And she MADE these!!! So proud, can ya tell??



Suzanne said...

How cute. What an awesome field trip and wonderful pics. Your daughter did a great job on her outfit. So glad you were able to go.

K Clark said...

oh my goodness.... she is super cute! and and what a great job she did on the clothes

Denise Pustelniak said...

These are so CUTE! Ashleigh is so adorable!

Leanne said...

How cool!!! I love LHOTP and to be able to go somewhere and learn how to do all of that is awesome. She is adorable and very talented.