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Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Grandma's Story"

I recently lost my grandmother, as some of you know, and since that day, there have been photo's and stories flying around via email and I tell ya, there's some good ones! The family is compiling stories to do a memoir and I've decided to do a digital album for my mom and her 2 sisters as they spent the most time with her. Here's the first page of her story with many more to come. The pages likely won't be in order till I get them all done and then printed - so many photo's to add!! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Thursday!


Suzanne said...

What a wonderful picture and idea Karen. This will be a very healing and memorable thing for you to do right now.

SunnyCreations said...

Oh Karen, this will be a huge blessing for your mom and aunties. I agree with Suzanne very healing for you as well.