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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Good Times Together"

Another page to share from my ongoing work on "Grandma's Story". All these are being done in My Memories Suite V3 as we are going to give a copy to both my Aunts as well as my mom. I'll take a copy as well as I don't have a lot of the originals BUT I'm also going to do some traditional scrapbooking with the photo's that I do have. 

So, story behind this is my Aunt's birthday. We had some fun with one of the photo's and made it "Fishbowl" in My Memories Suite. The second page - my mom had set up a tripod to get all of them in the same photo, so she said everyone put your hands on your laps. Grandma didn't really care for that idea, can ya tell by her expression?? Oh I laughed!! The second one was a goofy one and she put her thumb up and then stared at it as the camera went off. Too funny!!!

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craftin-dawn said...

These are lovely Karen!! Great job and great memories!!!