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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Nature" and a Tutorial!!

Hello!! Here's another layout for my "Muskoka" album. I've done a complete tutorial at Lasting Memories from start to finish of making this page - check it out!!

Rufus the Bobcat:
"Rufus was a result of the breeding of bobcats for the pet trade. The woman who had Rufus had de-clawed him, using human nail clippers and was bottle-raising him in an attempt to socialize him. Fortunately a new act was passed in 1999, prohibiting the keeping of wild animals as pets. We picked Rufus up when he was only 5 weeks old. He has been here ever since and everyday helps us to teach people that wild animals do not make appropriate pets, they belong in the wild and if they can not be there (like Rufus) the best place for them is a wildlife centre where they can be taken care of properly."

Yeti the Lynx:
" Yeti was acquired May 21, 2000. Yeti was donated to the centre by a fur farm, when she was 10 days old. She was hand raised and spent her younger years travelling Ontario with our renowned outreach team, teaching thousands of people about her illusive kind. She is also the life companion of Rufus, our resident bobcat. "


Stef H said...

what a gorgeous cat!!!!! and super page!

so? how's january going for ya? weather here is gorgeous and here i am sick. boo hoo. oh well, at least i'm not bed-ridden!

hugs :)

Danni said...

I'm loving these pages!! Very nice!

Cindy Haffner said...