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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

FBW #185 - Bright Colors!!

Good morning!! Guess what! It's Wednesday, which means a new challenge at Flutter By Wednesday's!! This week Danni challenged us to "get rid of the winter blah's, use bright colors" AND be sure to include a butterfly, fairy or angel. I chose to do a birthday layout from Florida in 2011. Ashleigh celebrated her 11th birthday. Look at that tan!!! I thought this certainly looks bright and fun!!! Be sure to join us this week and remember, get rid of those blahs and don't forget your butterfly, fairy or angel!!

(be sure to see below photo to see how I did my background!)

You can't see the background very well, but I made a "custom" background in My Memories Suite and here's how I did it!

Choose "background" and then "custom" which brings up your photo's

I chose Ashleigh's birthday cake

Was a little too bright for me, so adjusted the "opacity" to 40

And here's what it looked like before I added the pics!


Amanda R said...

Well I am totally computer illiterate so I am doubly impressed! Great layout and your daughter looks like she had a lot of fun!

Stacia Brandt said...

How fun!! I might have to jump over there and try it out!

Lynette said...

Cute pictures - great page! Nice background, too.

Harriet Skelly said...

What a great page you created! Your daughter is so cute and that cake is beautiful!!

Crystal said...


Stef H said...

omg! is she gorgeous! like her mom!!! for sure! wow!

yeah, it's 60F here today and they're saying POSSIBLY 6" of snow TOMORROW! mother nature needs to get FIRED (or laid).

hugs :)

Danni said...

Super cute and fun!! Love her shirt!

dolcreations said...

Your layout is perfect for the challenge! Love how you did the cake!

Leanne said...

This is pretty terrific! Ashleigh (pretty name) looks like she's really enjoying her day.
Love the butterflies!

Michele said...

Ohhh I love the background!! Cute page Karen!! I could use a Tan right about now. We finally might see some snow this weekend and next week. Sort of excited. :-) Ohh... and your friend "Stef" in above comments... what a crack-up. My house is completely quiet right now... and I busted laughing!!

Michelle said...

oh how cool - a layout! Love the butterflies and bright colors! Ashleigh looks so very happy!

Michelle VP said...

Fun layout and perfect background for her birthday pics! :)

Anna said...

Ok, how cool is that background you made?! Very clever! Love the page! Looks like Ashleigh had a wonderful birthday!

Suzanne Bier said...

Super cute and fun layout, Karen! Love it! :)