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Friday, January 6, 2012

Meet "Blossum" Another Muskoka Resident!

"Blossum was born in captivity in Ohio to an ex-pet opossum.  Fortunately it is illegal here in Ontario to keep wild animals as pets.  This little marsupial was only 9 weeks when she became a Canadian citizen and she will now remain with us as a member of our education team. Opossums only started to make their way into our province in the last 20 years so she will help us to teach Ontarians about this relative newcomer."

Such a cool experience to meet Blossum up close and personal! Ashleigh loved it! Blossum is 9 mths old in these pics.


Michele said...

Such a cool story!!

Danni said...

Okay so opossums are not a cute critter but she does have some charming qualities..hehe! Great page!

Crystal said...

Awesome story Karen and those pics are sooooo much fun....eeek I am such an animal lover and those opossums are pretty cute heheh!!