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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Papa's Special Hair Color Removing Tonic

Good morning!! Well, today's layouts are a fond and funny memory for me. When Ash was about to turn 9, she asked me if she could get some colored highlights in her hair. So, after some thought, I said sure - but the wash and wear type stuff. We go to the hair dressers and I hear her ask for purple! Eeek! Turned out quite cute though. Later that day my parents came up and my dad said "What in the world is that in your hair Ashleigh???" Next thing we knew, he came up with a "special kit" to remove hair color. Omg, did we laugh. I've kept that note for 2 yrs - it wouldn't be the same story without it, ya know? Plus to have dad's handwriting .. to me that's special. So I scanned it and added it right on her layouts here. She had a hoot following papa's instructions - but in the end, the purple was still there!!! Hope you enjoy these as much as I do! Also, please don't forget about my "Cards For Izzy" as time is running out!!


Dragonlady said...

Oh Karen this is so funny, what fantastic pictures and what a brilliant memory. Your layouts are totally gorgeous.

Hugs Ali x

Michele said...

You are right Karen! I do appreciate these layouts! Very funny memory indeed. Sounds like something my Dad would do. Oh.. and my kids call him PAPA as well. :-) Personally... I LOVE those purple highlights. She is so cute that she could make GRAY look good. LOL!!

Crystal said...

AWWWW Karen what a GREAT memory to have these are such fun pictures and your dad and the hair color removal kit, priceless!! Beautiful pages hun!!!!

Unknown said...

I just loved your layouts but more so your story. Isn't great in this digital world to have your dad's handwritten note to incorporate in your wonderful digital layouts. Great job

Denise Pustelniak said...

What a way to showcase a FUNNY story! What they don't tell you is the lighter and more porous your hair "it could be permanent!" Usually when someone's hair is curly, it's more porous. TOO FUNNY!