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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fishing for Chippy - Yes, a Chipmunk!!

Hey friends! So, today's LO is one of my favorite memories of this vacation. We had this little chipmunk that kept coming around and scoping out peanuts. Well, I don't know where Ashleigh got this idea, likely her dad, but they tied a peanut to a fishing rod and Ashleigh went "Chipmunk Fishing"!! She had a blast and you know, that little chippy played right along with her for hours that day! He would take the peanut, she would reel him in, he would scamper away and on and on. As you can see, later in the day, they were nose to nose. No animal nor child was hurt in any way on this vacation! I have a couple more pics, I just have to find them so I can do the corresponding layout. Have a great day!



Stef H said...

oh is this ever the cutest! just had to LOL.

hugs :)

Cindy Haffner said...


Dragonlady said...

Wow, I have only ever seen chipmunks in a cage. Another fantastic layout and memory hun.

Hugs Ali x