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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Norland Heights Resort - Family Vacation

Evenin' all!! I'm actually having a quiet night, for once, so I got in here to play and catch up some more. I can't wait to get all these LO's back!! They're being sent in on Friday for printing. I've done a great job getting caught up and loving this software!! Yep, another MyMemories!!! Check it out by clicking the little logo to your right - top of my blog!! You won't be sorry. So, this is a 2 pg spread from a family vacation back in 2003. I can't believe how much the kid's have grown. In the first one, my guys are on the left (3 and 7), then my dad and in the lower corner, my nephew Hayden (about 6 weeks here I think) and he's now 8!! I have more coming, so please check back soon! Have a great night!

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Dina said...

awesome pics as always! hugs! Dina