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Thursday, June 9, 2011

After The Storm!

Morning!! Wow, did we have a storm whip through last night!! It came out of nowhere and left just as fast, but left a lot of damage behind. The skies turned green, there was HUGE hail - it was scary. Here's some pics I took from along Lake Drive.

This is at the end of our street. I do daycare for these guys! Poor Landen was devastated and made his mommy call and make sure "My Karen is ok!"

Along Metro Rd (end of our street as well)

The Lake (you can see the darkness of it)

In the park

All down along Lake Drive

This tree was ripped right out by the root and actually took up some of the road!

More pics from along the lake

Ashleigh's friend's grandpa's house - tree came through the skylight in their bathroom!


Crystal said...

Oh my word sweetie, I am sooooo happy you and the family are okay, these storms lately have been unreal....I bet it was terrifying ugh!!! Will say a prayer for all those who had to deal with so much damage!! Big hugs!

Brenda said...

Wow, wow, wow! It seems as though you got the storms our country has been having. I am very glad you are okay!

Unknown said...

Wowzers. That looks like it must have been scary. I am glad you are all safe though

Danni said...

glad you are okay! wow, what a storm for sure!

Sue said...

OMG!! I think that storm came through here last night too, but we didn't get any damage by my house. So scary. Glad you are ok.