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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What A Crazy Week & A Half!

Anyone else out there a SAHM and finding yourself VERY busy right now? I tell ya, the last week and a half, I feel like I'm running non-stop! With getting back into the school routine, new daycare hours/routine's (I do home daycare), I am finding I don't have time to sit for 10 min's. I'm off tonight to my cousin's to work on wedding invitations, so I won't get a card on here today, but I am setting a goal to get on here tmw! I have my favourite challenges that are up and coming and I haven't entered them yet! I'm hoping I can play catch up and get something entered. Hope everyone is having a great day. My little (13 yr old) man is home sick already from school today as well. And to top it off, Ashleigh and I start a Parent/Youth Yoga class next Monday night! Busy, busy, busy!!

Oh, and here's what else has been going on here! Just call me Ellie May! Our (120lb, 9mth old) puppy, Riley, had his first skunk encounter last Thursday. The skunk was on our deck, although we have no idea how (do they climb??) and Riley happened to come across him. Didn't bark or anything. Hubby was out on the deck ('round the back, thank goodness) when he heard the "ppppssssssshhhh" I'm in bed and all I hear is "Karen!!!!! YOUR dog got sprayed! Help!" Great. So out of bed I get. Well, I can't tell where the stink is coming from it was so bad. Turns out Riley got overspray, bc it was just on his chest and legs, but our AC unit and side deck?? OMGosh!!! It is nasty! So I've done the peroxide/baking soda and now I've done the bleach/water solution on the deck/AC unit. It still smells, but not so bad. Our darling (so called indoor, has no front claws) cat has been getting out and turns out, she's a heck of a hunter, but she brings everything IN! We're talking mice and SNAKES. Yes, SNAKES! So far I've had to get 3 of them out of my house. You should have seen me. The first time, I called Andrew, the 2nd time, I was alone and screaming (LOL!) the third time, the snake was slithering across my darn floor! EWW! Out came the broom. What a crazy week and a half it's been here. Anyone wanna trade???


Danni said...

Life is an adventure and it really sounds like it is for you!
Remember to breathe and take it minute by minute if you need to! Hugs!

dolcreations said...

There is one thing to be busy but when you put the snakes into the busy life...Oh my goodness!