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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Addition!

Hello! It's been a little since I posted anything new and this is why! Meet Riley! Riley is our new addition. He's little now, but he won't be for long! He's a rare breed called a "Bullweiller" and he is ADORABLE! Dad is an American Bulldog and mom's a Rottie. Funny story how he came to us really. My husband, Keith, had been talking about getting a puppy for a bit and I would catch him checking out puppies online etc and I would say "You know, now might not be a great time...we should wait. We have 2 dogs." And ignore it, thinking it would go away. (yeah, have to know my husband to understand this..LOL!!!) Then he found Riley and he went to meet Riley and fell in love with him. Came home and 2 days later, told the kids he had looked at a puppy etc, but not to tell mom! LOL! Anyway, Ashleigh let it out, well, I coaxed it out of her and that was it. She was on cloud 9 wanting this puppy. Keith had even shown them pics. So what to do? I just wanted everyone to be aware that having a puppy is a HUGE responsibility and a lot of work and EVERYONE would have to pitch in and help out with him. The kids were on board and really excited. They've been asking for a puppy for a long time. Our older dog is about 12 or so now, so she's really slowing down and our mini daschund, well, she'll play...her, but she's not good on a leash etc and they want something they can play with, walk, take for runs etc. So, since they were all on board, I thought, Ok! Here we go! But you know what? Riley is adorable and it's fun having a puppy around again. It's busy and it's a big adjustment for all of us, but you know who's taking a big reponsibility with him? Our 8 yr old daughter, Ashleigh. The photo below of Ashleigh and Riley is from Sunday. Keith just brought him home on Friday. They've really bonded. Andrew loves having a puppy to play with and has taken to making sure he gets him out for a run after school. One of our rules though is to make sure all 3 dogs get the same attention, and the kids have been awesome with that. They take all 3 out for a run/play in the yard every night. Everyone has really stepped up in helping take some reponsibility and it makes a HUGE difference! Keith and I are very proud of both the kids for the responsibilities they have taken on. We've discovered Riley's favourite thing is to go in the kitchen and drag the broom, dustpan and all, into the living room to chew! LOL! You see this puppy barrelling through the room, broom head in mouth, handle and dustpan trailing behind making a heck of a racket. It's so funny!!!

So, that is why I haven't been attempting to many new things! LOL! He's settling in nicely though and starting to enjoy his crate, so I'll have time to sit and relax and play. I'd really like to try some other ideas with my cupcake stamp!!

Have a wonderful day!!

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