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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Losing My Mind .... !!!

Ok ... so I think the hustle and bustle has caught up with me .. lol!!! Here’s one that will make you laugh out loud!!! We had invited friends for Christmas dinner as they have no family. We had a feeling they wouldn’t come as they have their traditions on christmas day, but wanted to pass on the invite. So, i get an email from Nicole wishing us all the best and “see ya in the new year” so i figured they weren’t coming. Was msg’ing back and forth with hubby on BBM and son sends me a msg that his coat needs sewn (has the boy EVER seen me sew??LOL!) so i reply to him and then send BBM to hubby – here’s conversation ..

ME: so i assume lorne and nicole aren’t coming
BBM: what? where?
ME: here .. you know, for dinner
BBM: i have no idea? how would i know?
ME: well, she emailed us both about the holidays
BBM: how would i get email? i don’t have it?
ME: what?? what are you talking about? do you not always get email?
BBM: no, it costs money doesn’t it? i don’t get internet

at this pt i’m thinking, omg, i’ve lost my mind .. what on earth is he talking about????

ME: i’m confused ... did you not tell me to email u grocery list and i know you get email ..
BBM: What??
ME: nicole emailed us both ... you have email, i’m SO confused ..
BBM: MOM!!! wth are you talking about??

OMG!! thank god i wasn’t saying something i shouldn’t be when i was texting my son the WHOLE time!! LOL!! and he’s in class to boot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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TeenaBugg38 said...

LOLOL........I have those days a lot more often than I would like to admit!! Yeahhhh that coulda went a LOT worse!!!!!!!!

Hang ion there sweety, its almost over :0!!!!

Stef H said...

omg! that's like hitting the SEND button to the WRONG email list! ROFL

hugs :)