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Friday, December 23, 2011

I did it AGAIN!

Oh man .. I did it AGAIN!! If you haven't had a chance, check out my text blunder HERE. So last night, I send Andrew (my son) a text saying "Dinner" .. I get a text from my BROTHER "Q'ues ce cest??" (no he's not french, just likes to think he's either that or spanish LOL!!) I'm thinking, WHAT??? Oh man .. I text HIM (who's an hour away) that dinner was ready!! I give up!!! "They're coming to take me away ha ha!!"

THEN, I take out the turkey, come to put in fridge and go FLYING through my kitchen .. I (yes ME) left the stinkin' mop out and I tripped over the handle. Keith came flying in from the garage, Ashleigh down the stairs - guess it was a very loud fall. Here I was in a crumpled heap on the kitchen floor, TOTALLY embarrassed because I left the stinkin' mop there in the first place!! So, I have a sore knee, thumb .. what a night!!

On that note, here's a little Thank You card I did for my daycare parents for my Christmas gifts (I was spoiled!!) And I did it with my Memories Suite! Cool huh?? K, I better get baking .. ton's to do!! Have a GREAT day friends! Oh and for another laugh, chk this out!!


dolcreations said...

I love reading your stories Karen! I think it is that time of much going on that we do such crazy things!
Have a wonderful Christmas Karen!

Stef H said...

mext year HIRE HELP!!!

thank you for the DINING TIPS - even if i didn't mention it was from you - i still love u.

merry, merry christmas my friend.

hugs :)

TeenaBugg38 said...

Maybe Santa oughta bring you some bubble wrap....if we wrap you in it you may stay safe?????? I'm beginning to think we are twins separated at birth cuz I am a major klutz.....hang there my friend...the holidays will be over SOON!!! 16 yr old son does the WORST middle eastern of his pals in ROTC is actually from India and every time he tells me a story involving this kid he feels he must do it with an accent.....we are

Cindy Haffner said...