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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Good Times Together

Hello!! Here's the last LO to my Little Picasso set. You can see the first page HERE and the second HERE. This is the final result. Look at that child of mine .. lol!! She had a BLAST with those paints and right in the pool she went and then in for a warm bath. I just adore the one of Andrew and Ashleigh with their heads bent together.

I am really having fun with this software. I've dabbled in digi before, but since I dl'ed MyMemories, I find I'm in here all the time and really getting caught up on old photo's. Hubby said to me last night "Isn't that cheating though?" My reply? Nope, it would cost me more to print all these photo's then it would to print each LO and they're just as hard to do, just less mess!! My friend has a site that we all upload too and split the shipping cost, so it's a win, win situation. Love it. On that note .. Have a great day!


Crystal said...

How SWEET Karen, another GREAT page!

Cindy Haffner said...