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Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Kid's Are Pretty Talented!

Good morning! Looks like it's finally warming up again here! Double digits, low 20's all wknd! Bring it on! So, I have 2 things to share today that each of my kid's made. We're so proud of them both!

Ashleigh has been working with her grandma on a little project and all I knew was that it was something to do with a goose and it was for Easter. Well, grandma came over last night and they finished it and look what it is!! It's a bookmark that Ashleigh made, all by herself, with a little help and guidance from grandma!!! I love those moments they share, they're something to be treasured. She did a beautiful job and she's very proud of herself!
Andrew's grade 8 class is putting on a cake raffle today. The gr 8's all had to make a cake and it will be marked for their art mark and they get raffled off today for $.25/ticket and all the money goes to the gr 8 graduation. Ashleigh took $10, she wants her brother's cake! LOL! I was in awe when we went in to see the rest of the cakes though. Wow. There is some talent out there...all the gr 8's should be VERY proud of themselves!! Andrew's theme was lego land/lagoon. That's ALOT of candy on there!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day. I'm on day 2 with absolutely no voice, which makes for interesting days when watching toddlers!! Just call me "The Child Whisperer"! LOL!


Lee Ann said...

Wow! they both look amazing!!! great job for each of them!!

Kimberly S said...

Fabulous projects. Loving the cross-stitch, and what a yummy (and artistic) way to raise money with those cakes! :)