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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Glitter Ornament Day at School!

All this week at school is "Christmas Spirit" week. Each day has a theme. Monday was PJ Day, yesterday was red/white/green day and today is glitter ornament day. I think Monday and today are Ashleigh's 2 favourites. Of course, Andrew doesn't do any of them as he's at that "I'm 13, that's NOT cool" stage. LOL! So, this is what we did with Ashleigh this morning!


dolcreations said...

I really miss having young kids that really truly love all that stuff!They always bring magic into Christmas and of course lots of FUN! Love the gingerbread house! As for the toothpicks for would never know it..It's an awesome house!
Love the card you did for Flutter Wednesday! Very pretty!

Danni said...

She's just too cute!m