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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flying Free

Hi everyone. Miss me? I've had some personal emails, asking if I'm ok, and I wanted to touch base here. I try to keep my blog about my crafting side, but recently I went through something that I'm ready to share now. A friend of mine, Lianne, was diagnosed with bone cancer 5 mths ago. I watched her boys after school and when needed and when she was diagnosed, I stepped up and helped in any way that I could. I live one street over and work at a church, so it was very easy for me to take time off if needed. My routine soon involved Lianne, her mom and 2 boys almost daily. Whether visiting, helping with appt's or helping arrange drivers, we were in touch quite a lot. I also became very close with her mom, Liz. Over the summer, Lianne ended up in hospital twice and once was her oldest sons 11th birthday. Well, Liz and I packed up the boys and we stopped and bought cupcakes and took the birthday party to mom. As hard as it was, it was fun at the same time. Another time, I stopped and visited with Lianne and another friend of hers and since it was just us 3 girls, did we ever laugh and visit. Another time, it was a short 20 min visit and catch up on Y&R. I became a huge help to Liz and just a friend to listen as well. No parent should lose their child. She once said to me "I asked myself once, why Lianne? But then I thought .. why not? I wouldn't wish this on another parent". Throughout Lianne's journey over the last 5 mths, she taught me so much about myself and I learned so much from her. She was very strong in her faith and that in itself amazed me. A single mom, 2 young boys - 11 and 8 - terminal and looked for the good in what was happening to her. She never once gave up her fight. Her arm broke and she was told she may lose some motor skills, this was last mth, and she said "So give me some physio, what can I do??" and she exercised her hand. I never once saw her in pain, although I know she was. Lianne and I talked a lot about Godwinks .. I'd never heard the word before I met her .. but I tell ya, there was a LOT between her and I. I had been to see her a week prior to her passing and she asked me to get a nice pic of her boys, so I did. Then I had a cold, so I didn't deliver it right away. I thought she had more time. A week ago Friday, I had an overwhelming feeling to get the print and frame it. The next morning, I had such an overwhelming feeling to get it to her. I left and when I got there, the PSW met me at the door and asked Liz if I could come in. I knew then it wasn't good. Liz invited me up to sit with them and to visit with Lianne, but she was "already on her way" as her mom said, so we visited and I hope she saw the photo - she passed about half hour after I arrived. Lianne told me a couple times that I had a calming affect on her mom, so I feel I was meant to be there for her. This past Saturday was Lianne's Celebration of Life and wow, what a very full life she lived. Always giving, accepting you no matter what. She loved her canoe and being on the water. Her canoe and all her camping gear was at her Celebration. It was perfect and again, I learned even more from her. I've missed her mom and her boys so much, but we plan on staying in touch. Even at the reception, I was talking to a friend of Lianne's that I had met very briefly and it was like Lianne met us both with a little Godwink - Vicky said she wanted to stay in touch and handed me a business card. She runs a B&B up north, so I plan to visit her as well. I've met a new friend. 

Lianne, thank you for everything you brought to my life - I feel so blessed to have been your friend. May you fly free and may your next life be the happiest ever .. xoxo
PS: Your Celebration of Life was absolutely perfect, full of love and laughter, well done. 


Karen Wilson said...

from my Aunt Linda:

Very beautiful.. I never met her, only knew her through what you shared with me. I have a huge lump in my throat.

I hope she is enjoying the sunshine and may the waters always be calm and serene as she canoes all her pain and troubles away !! God speed !

Denise Pustelniak said...

So glad you got to share with her! I'm sure she loved it!

Michele said...

Absolutely super special Karen!!! Glad you got to be a part of Lianne's life!! Lianne is reading this special tribute right along with all of us.

Kristie W. said...

I have tears in my eyes reading this. You and Lianne were blessed to have each other. How wonderful that you were able to provide help and comfort to Lianne, Liz, and the boys in their time of need.

Big hugs to you!