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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I just had to share this .. it's not a card, but for me, it's special. I LOVE Krista's work (Saturated Canary) and when I was there a couple days ago, I found a list of 4 freebies! Of course, I had to dl them, they're amazing. So, here I was last night working on my copic coloring of "Fancy" and I had her hair and dress done, just experimenting really. My 16 yr old son Andrew comes in and says "Hey Mom, whatcha doing? What are those?" to which I replied "Copics .. " and he says "Hey, can I try????" Handed him my clipboard/image and he did her dress!! Look at the shading! I was so impressed and he just kept coloring and coloring away, explaining to me how my copics worked (lol) and we just chatted about whatever as he colored - and this is the end result. Of course, we can't really use it, but she earns a special place on my wall - hmm, or a special page in a scrapbook album. Either way, it was a special moment for me .. 

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