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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Can you believe it's 2nd week of August already! WOW! I had an email from my Aunt this morning asking about my blogging, saying she missed it and I realized I haven't blogged (or been on here) for almost 2 weeks! Life just gets so busy and I have daycare kids with the highest ENERGY level EVER so that doesn't make for good blogging time! I've been learning to ride my new bike and Ashleigh took tons of pics/video of hubby teaching me and thank God he's patient! LOL! We had a wedding last wknd and hubby was in the wedding .. all wore kilts and we learned what SOME of those boys wear under their kilts! LOL! The bride/groom decided instead of tinkling glasses etc for a kiss, we had to do a donation to a charity and they chose Bikes Without Borders. Well, groom's Aunt offered $100 donation to see what they all had under their kilts!! LOL!! Since they weren't expecting it, some did not have a stitch of clothing under there! OI! My poor hubby was mortified, lol, thank God he was wearing underwear! LOL! Nothing like 100 ppl chk'ing out your butt! So, as you can see, we've been super busy with learning, weddings and of course, ball. Andrew's almost done for the season and has done so well. He thinks he'll want to try hardball in a couple yrs. He got his braces on Monday too, so I'm kind of glad ball's winding down since he pitches. Oh! And now we've decided we're heading to Florida again in Oct for 2 weeks, so planning that too!! (Aunt Linda, now you'll be all caught up!!)

On that note .. here's a couple pics for you!!!!!!!!!! Hope you're all enjoying the summer months!!!


dolcreations said...

I feel as though now I have caught up with you too. Wow you have been busy. But that is what summer is all about. We try to fit so much in. I love the pictures Karen. Good for you learning to ride that HUGE I give you a big pat on the back for trying girl! Love the last picture too! Did you take that one! I bet you did!

Michele said...

Love your stories!! I am envious of you and your Bike! That is just pure awesomeness!! You look wonderful in your dress. Love the shoes!!! :-) I am catching up too. Trying to get ahead of the game for once. Working on layouts. I am STILL submitting one for this week.. .cuz I had it all planned out in my head. I can't let that get away from me.
Thanks for your fun update!! Summer is busy.. .that is for sure!!

Denise Pustelniak said...

TOTALLY COOL!!! I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! As for kilts, you aren't supposed to wear anything underneath them, and the term used to wearing a kilt the correct way is "regimental." :)