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Friday, June 11, 2010

Our New "Tenant"

A couple weeks ago, we heard this noise, that we honestly thought was a raccoon. They can be pretty vocal sometimes. Well, we were on the pool deck and hubby told us to hurry and get off, the 'coon' was IN the pool! Keep in mind, our pool isn't open yet (we have maple tree's that have been dropping those seeds like crazy!!) so it still has the tarp on. We're thinking there's a raccoon IN the pool. So, picture 4 ppl (2 adults, 2 kids) thinking how on earth are we going to get it out??? As we're walking around the pool, contemplating it makes it's noise again and guess what it was!! LOL! It was NOT a raccoon (thank GOD!) After a little research on my end, we have discovered our new found tenant is an Eastern Gray Tree Frog! How cool is that? Well, depends on when you ask that. If it's at midnight when the little guy is crooning away, NOT so cute! LOL! If you click here, you can click on the audio to hear what we hear ALL the time!!

Here's the pic I took of him tonight...I'm actually impressed with this pic!

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Kimberly S said...

Awww....isn't he cute! I love frogs, especially tree frogs. Glad it wasn't a raccoon, frogs are much friendlier. lol