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Monday, August 3, 2009

Some More Pics From Our Walk

Here's some more pics from our walk this morning. So pretty and quiet back there. We all had a nice time. Andrew decided to stay home, and we were gone almost 2.5 hours. He said it was a long time! I'm always on the look out for deer back there, but nothing today. The bugs were quite bad, so they're likely hiding out somewhere. This is our other dog, Angel. She's a mini daschund and the boss of the house! Enjoy my little photo shoot!
PS: Play Along Monday's Challenge to follow later today


Danni said...

How fun! Love these photos!

dolcreations said...

AWHHHH..Summer holidays! I just simply love summer and spending time with my when I saw these pictures I just thought you must have just enjoyed yourself so much! You wish it would never end! The pictures are very nice!