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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another Facelift!

Hello!! Well, I've done it again! I had to change it up again, wasn't as find as the other template as I thought I was. I was looking for a new template for another blog I run for our scrapbooking club ( and came across this template and fell in love with it!! I absolutely LOVE this color scheme and how it all just blends together. I hope you do to!! Let me know what you think.

Well, I am off to Stamping Bella tonight for a "Magical Ketto" card class with Nicky and can't wait!! There's 4 from our group going and we're all quite excited. I'll post my cards tmw!!

Have a wonderful day and don't forget, your 'Sketchy' Tuesday card is due on Saturday! I already have one submission and I think another on it's way!!


Anonymous said...

Well Karen, I have to say this reminds me of the Magical Ketto line!!!! Very you.... I really do
like it. Very orginal!!
Good choice!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Christine! I wasn't even thinking of the Ketto line, but you're right! I just LOVED the colors and the way they all blend!!!

Thank you for your compliment! These are alot of work when you start changing things around!

Anonymous said...

I am trying out your sketchy Tuesday.Hopefully I will have a card to bring tonight! I don't know.I am suppose to watch my nephew this after noon, so who knows! I'll try!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good, Christine! I know I have another one coming in as well, so we have 3 entries so far. I'm not choosing the winner...going to have someone else do it!!

Anonymous said...

Like this look better (I am not a "pink" person)! Miss Widgit game you had on old blog!

Karen Wilson said...

Hi Michele! I do to, so I'll find it and readd it! Thanks for 'stopping' by!