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Sunday, November 16, 2008

My First Kid's Club

Hello! Enjoying this snowy day? Well, I had my first kid's club today. They did an amazing job on their paint cans!! The class was actually only an hour and a half, but they really enjoyed themselves. My first one, so I didn't expect it to be huge. I do have 3 more kids coming, just a different day, also have 2 that may come and also sold a kit. So I'm happy with the results.
I changed the idea just a bit and let the girls glitter and/or chalk their snowflakes and one of the girls, Alyssa (6) gave her snowman rosy cheeks and hands. Too cute! They turned out awesome!
Ashleigh did hers with the darker paper, so it looks like her snowman is 'in the night time'!
GREAT job girls!

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