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Monday, June 22, 2009

You Did It!

Tonight we will be going to my nephew, Hayden's, Senior Kindergarten graduation. Amazing how quickly time flies. He'll go into grade 1 in Sept. My son heads into grade 8 in Sept and my daughter into grade 4. Somewhere along the way, as my sister has recently said, we blinked and all these kids started to grow up. I got pretty emotional the other day thinking about Andrew graduating grade 8 in another year, God help me when he does graduate!!

So, tonight we celebrate all of Hayden's accomplishments in JK and SK and he's had so many. He's made many friends, his speech has improved tremendously, he's grown taller and developed a personality all his own. Hayden, we're all very proud of you sweetheart and wish you all the best in Grade 1!!

Paper and Embellishments: Michaels

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