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Monday, June 29, 2009

"Make A Wish" - HHC #37 - Stars or Stripes!

This is a card I put together for this week's High Hopes Challenge. The card is 8 x 3.5". I wanted to try doing a card with no stamps at all, just embellishments. I think I'll put this away for my nephews birthday in July! ALL product is CTMH!

STAMPS: none!
PAPER: Stardust
EMBELLISHMENTS: Stardust Stickease and flexi labels
Pattern is from the new WISHES book


Danni said...

How fun!!

Monica said...

Great card Karen!

Karen Wilson said...


Anonymous said...

great card!
Pam Going Postal

Lacey said...

Thanks for participating with the challenge. You did an awesome job with the stars and strips and I am sure your nephew will love it.

Regarding linking directly in a comment...I'll be honest, it may want to take the "code" instead of showing you the characters you need to type. If it doesn't work out, send me an email and I can add it in an email. But let try here....

Here’s my card


Lacey said...

Yeah, it didn't me...