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Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Has Begun!! (Photo's)

I have come to the conclusion that kids are resiliant to almost anything. Over the winter, we had a tear in our pool cover and with the weight of the snow, it tore a bit more. So, when we took the cover off this yr, the water was pretty brown. Keith finally had a wknd off, so he got to work getting it up and running. We're about a mth behind this yr, but the night's have been so cold, it didn't really matter. Last night we finally had it done. Filter's running, water's clear and it looks beautiful. Did I mention it's VERY cold?? I'm thinking arctic cold! LOL! There's not a drop of hot water in there! Apparently kids don't mind a bit. As soon as the filter was running, the bathing suits came out and the kid's were in the pool. Ashleigh went right to the hot tub afterward. I think they're crazy, but oh to be a child again!!!!!!!!!

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Lee Ann said...

Yikes! I'm cold just lookin at the pics lol