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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday, Andrew!

Good morning!

Today we're celebrating our son's 13th birthday. I cannot believe that 13 years ago today, I was on the phone with my aunt Linda, having mild contractions, while my family was up having lunch on our deck. I thought "No, this has to be BH contractions because Baby's not due for 2 weeks!" So, I never said a word. Then I realized, "uh oh, they're getting closer together and really starting to hurt...holy cow, I think I'm in labor!" So I told Keith and he said "How far are the contractions?" Please keep in mind, this is our first, we're about half hour from the hospital and we're enjoying a nice family lunch. I answer "Umm, we're about 3 min's apart now..." Well, I tell ya..everything started going a little crazy here at the Wilson's!! LOL! I'm being whisked to the car, I'm bawling, dad's asking why I'm crying, I'm saying "I'm going to be a mom today, that's why!" Keith's saying "GET IN THE VAN OR WE'RE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT!" LOL!!! My mom and sister (15 yrs old at the time) hopped in the back and away we went (FLEW) to the hospital. I don't remember much about the ride except "Breath Karen, we're almost there, are you ok? Remember to time those contractions!" My labour and delivery was a piece of cake and we had a bouncing 7lb, 12 oz baby boy!! Apparently time has flown by because that all seems like yesterday and today he turns into a teenager. A teenager that we are very, very proud to call our son.

Happy Birthday, Andrew!!

The card design is from the new CTMH "Wishes" Card Book. An absolute MUST HAVE for all cardmakers!! I added my own little embellishments and idea's as well. Paper pack is CTMH "It's A Guy Thing"


Lee Ann said...

awww I love that kid! Your post made me tear up, it does feel like yesterday and I was so honored to be there when that beautiful bouncing boy was brought in to the world! Thanks for that!

Lee Ann said...

Oh and I was 14 :) and you just aged me on the world wide web lmao!

Karen Wilson said...

Awww! You're very welcome. It wasn't meant to tear you up, but it did you and Aunt Linda as well and I admit, I was feeling teary when I wrote it. So crazy how fast the time flies by. It meant alot to me to have you there. It's an important time in our lives and I am so glad you were there by my side!!

Ok, so you turned 15 later that! Pretty cool experience for a 14 yr old, huh???

Love you!

dolcreations said...

Very nice card for Andrew!

Danni said...

Wonderful card!!