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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Palmer Rapid's Wknd Vacation Pics

This past wknd, we went to a beautiful place called Palmer Rapid's for the wknd. Unfortunately, weather wasn't so great, but we're having weird July weather everywhere! Still waiting for that summer weather to come! We camped on the ridge of the rapids, so you could hear them all the time. The kids fished, rode their bikes and Ashleigh and Andrew's friend Thomas got a kayak lesson and learned to body surf. They were half frozen, but they braved the elements! Andrew's not a boat person, so he stayed with me on shore or rode his bike while Thomas kayaked. Here's a few of my 200 pics...I'll have to get them printed and on layouts!! Enjoy!


Tanya said...

These pics are beautiful Karen! Looks like an amazing spot. Where abouts is it?

Karen Wilson said...

Hi Tanya! It was really pretty. It's about a half hour past Bancroft, in Renfrew County. Here's one of the websites.

Danni said...

Love all your photos! So nice to see in the desert makes you really appreciate that!!