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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wow, Did We Have Some CRAZY Weather!

Web Staff,
A tornado touches down in Vaughan on Augugust 20, 2009.
The tornado damaged homes in the area.

Well, we have a wedding this wknd, so my sister and I ran down to Nmkt to get some last minute things and man, did we ever run into a storm! Or should I say, it ran into US! Out of nowhere, the sky opened up and the torrential downpours started. There was so much rain in so little time, it was crazy. We couldn't get signals on the cell phone, my kid's were home on their own, so finally my sister said "You drive, I'll keep trying" As she said that, lightening struck a hydro pole (the coils) and sparks were flying. The roads were now looking like a flood was happening, cars were hydro-planing. My sister said "This is another reason I don't have a license!" No kidding! So, we eventually made it to WalMart and it wasn't too bad at that point. It was really strange, one minute ppl were pulling off because you couldn't see and then it just stopped. It started again once we got up the road a bit, then stopped and once we were in WalMart, we could hear it hitting the roof. Anyway, long story brother met us there to take our nephew out and as we were getting Hayden in the truck, the lightening was going all around us, in the clouds, like you were in the middle of something. Well, turns out, there was tornado's touching down all over the place. You can see some video here on our local news CP24. There was a beautiful rainbow on our way home and right now, it's very quiet, which I hope stays that way. We're still under a tornado watch, so fingers crossed.

EDIT: Vaughan (about 40 min's from us) ended up having to declare emergency last night and evacuate 180 homes due to them being unsafe. Looks like they got the worst of it. Our thoughts are with you guys!! Hang in there and stay safe.

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