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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's My Birthday!

Good morning! It's my birthday today, 29 and holding (LOL!) and last night, Ashleigh was so excited about her gift to me, she couldn't wait till today. She's almost 9. She went out with her nanny last week and decided to get me a gift as well. I thought this was adorable!! She chose everything and then when she got home, she ran to her room to put it all together and I was none the wiser. Is this set not too cute?? She did an amazing job on her card to, all by herself. The little booklet is full of sayings, in her handwriting, which I'll treasure. These are her words:
  • I love you, you're the best mom ever
  • I need you forever, you are you and I love how you are!
  • You're good how you are mom, and I want you to be just you!
  • I love you SO much! The end

Definately something to hold onto, huh? Hope everyone has a great day!! It looks like summer is FINALLY here!!


Nancy said...

Oh this is such a nice gift. And the book is just priceless. It is something to hold onto forever. It will be and inspirational book for you kinda like a daily inspiration.

dolcreations said...

Happy Birthday Karen!

That has got to be the sweetest things to have received. That is just priceless. As I was reading your post this morning..I was very touched by this!

Lee Ann said...

That is really very sweet!!! Good job Ash!

Carrie said...


Monica said...

Happy Birthday Karen!

What a great gift, I'm sure you'll treasure it!

Tanya said...

Happy Birthday Karen! Ashleigh did a wonderful job your gift and card.

Karen Wilson said...

Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes!!!