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Monday, August 3, 2009

A Whole New Meaning Of Mud Bath ~ Photoshoot of Riley!

Today is our last day of holidays and this morning we got up and took the dogs out back to the forest at the end of our road. This is the first time we've let the dogs go off leash back there. Well, they had a BALL!! Riley, who's now 8 mths and last we chk'ed, 112lbs, LOVED the mud!!! I tell ya, he gave a whole new meaning to mud bath. He had us in stitches and covered in mud from running through the mud and then past us at full boar! What a hoot!!! He stuck his head right under the water and everything. Crazy pup! Some of the pics are blurry because he was running past me. The one of him shaking, I thought turned out really neat!! Thank goodness for the water holes back there, we'd have been bringing home an awful mess!


Danni said...

Oh how fun!! What kind of dog is he? looks like mix...rottweiler? Too fun!

Karen Wilson said...

Hi Danni! Yes, he's a "Bullweiller". Mom's a rottie and dad's an american bulldog. He's just one big baby!

Tanya said...

Oh My Goodness. I'm cringing at the sight of him. I get worked up when our dogs come in after the rain! I can't imagine this.

Karen Wilson said...

LOL Tanya! Trust me, me too! I was having a fit at first, but he was having so much fun and there's water holes back there so he came home nice and clean. We, on the other hand, had muddy!