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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mermaid Face and Cloning My Girl!

Uh oh, I have found a new crafty hobby!! I can't stop playing with Picnik! LOL! Here's another pic I did last night. This is from almost 3 yrs ago when we were last in Florida. What do ya think? How fun is this? I even cloned her face into the corners!! Love it!


Pris said...

haha... very cool Karen.. also a little creepy. :) (she is adorable though!)

Crystal said...

Karen this is WAY COOOL!!! What a fun fun program....IT IS AWESOME looking!

Deanna said...

Love it! I used to play with picnic a lot! lol

Stef H said...

oh how cool! she's beautiful. bet she'd look fabulous sitting in your garden - lol!

hugs :)