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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

Wow, I honestly feel so amazed this week. I've received 3 amazing awards from 3 super talented ppl who have left lovely comments on my blog. My family has been dealing with some sad news, so this came at the perfect time and seeing these awards brought a smile to my face as I am glad that I do indeed inspire you! I haven't been very crafty lately, but it'll come back around. It's more about finding the time these days. I have an order for 80 wedding invites to get started and then I have another 80 to do after that as well. So that will keep me busy, not to mention I have to get caught up on upcoming birthday, anniversary and Easter cards!!

So, this wonderful award comes to me from Dina. Thank you so much!! Be sure to check out her blog, she's super talented! This is given to a blog that has less than 300 followers and deserves recognition! To except this you need to pay it forward to 3-5 other bloggers! This is very hard since I think you are all terrific, talented ladies! so here we go!
  1. Ashleigh
  2. Mary J
  3. Debi
  4. Suzy
Enjoy ladies!


Mary J said...

Congrats on your award Karen and many thanks for passing on to me! {{blush}}!

You are sooo sweet honey! As you know, I love your creations too!

dolcreations said...

Congrats on all your awards. I hope all is ok with you. I too have not been finding the time lately to get creative.

Stef H said...

you are just to freakin' popular! lol

woooooooo hooooooo on all the awards! you deserve them!

hugs :)