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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Wedding Sample

Good morning! It's a gorgeous sunny day here but it is still cold out there. Where oh where is spring???They're calling for a lot of rain this wknd, so it'll wash away the snow, but NOT looking fwd to what's UNDER that snow with 2 big dogs! One of our dogs LOVES to go through the woodpile and pull out all the wood and he runs all over with it. There's more wood out there than you can shake a stick at (pun

So, we had a very proud day yesterday, which you can read about here and last night I was able to get some crafting done too! If you remember, I'm making our friends wedding invites for them. So I did 3 samples and they loved one, but wanted me to add a little scallop pocket from another. So, I did that last night by adjusting the original one they wanted and then ended up coming up with a whole new invite! I LOVE this one! So, they will have samples in hand by tonight and hopefully can let me know soon and I'll keep you posted!

This is the one they chose...

And this is the pocket they want added...

And this is the NEW invite I came up with last night! Sorry, the pics aren't that good, but it was late and I had a hard time with lighting.


Stef H said...

oh wow, karen! this is gorgeous! i'll bet everyone will be talking about those invites and you'll have orders up the ying yang! absolutely gorgeous!

hugs :)

Michele said...

Ohhh these are beautiful!!!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Oh girl these are gorgeous!! I just love the colors and design!! If I needed invites I would hire you!! Stunning!

Denise Pustelniak said...

I agree with Stef and Chris! Stunning! Bet they can't wait to get them!

Mary J said...

Wow, how elegant! Love those gorgeous colours!

dolcreations said...

Your invites are stunning...classy and elegant that is for sure. Such a pretty colour combo that is for sure. I love the elegant lacey corners!