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Sunday, October 31, 2010

We're Back From Vacation!

Hey everyone!! We're back from vacation!! Wow, what a difference in the weather here. We had 2 full weeks of nothing but sun, high 80's to low 90's every day and 70's at night. Was awesome. We couldn't have had better weather. The ocean was 80*C, the pool was about the same. I have a ton of pics and since Ashleigh celebrated her 10th birthday in Florida...she HAD to do something that couldn't be done here at home...we went to Gator Land and she sat on a REAL gator!! Thurs before we left, Keith and Andrew went snorkeling and had the most amazing experience!! Keith LITERALLY walked right into a manatee!! He was walking and said it was like hitting a (sharp) brick wall. He looked and saw his leg cut and then this manatee lifted his head up out of the water to see what had disturbed him and Keith yelled "RUN ANDREW!" Omg, I SO wish I was there! He said they ran screaming to shore and then walked back and got some pics once all was settled. The poor guy was covered in barnacles and Keith said he was about 8 ft long and just huge! I'll post pics when I have some time. We're expecting flurries here this afternoon...too bad that warm weather didn't follow us home.

Well, off to unpack!! Have a good one!

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dolcreations said...

I so wish you had brought those temps home to us! It is sooo cold here! Glad you had a wonderful time...who wouldn't in Florida!