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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Couple Photo's From GatorLand

On our vacation, we went to Gator Land and it happened to be Ashleigh's birthday that day as well. What a cool place and those gators aren't friendly either! LOL! They are as natural as can be. At one pt, Andrew and Ashleigh were standing along the edge of a lookout over the breeding ground and this huge gator, who had been facing/swimming the opposite way, VERY slowly turned and swam towards them. He thought he was being conspicuous, but we seen him coming. You can see it on the video too and see Ash back up a pace or 2! Anyway, here's a couple pics we had taken there and yes, the gators and snake are real!

And just to clarify, since my hubby so kindly informed me...I'm wearing a SKORT, lol, NOT blue underwear!! I was more concerned about that gator peeing or worse on me than crossing my legs! LOL!

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Karen said...

Looks like an interesting and fun? place to go! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Trust a hubby to point out the "underwear". lol