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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wedding Invite - Sample #2

As promised, here's sample #2 for my wedding invites. If you missed sample #1, click here. For this one, it opens "up" instead of like a book. I used my Martha Stewart heart border punch and I used "Sweethearts" cricut cart for the heart and scrolls. The invite is printed on vellum and will be attached on the top half and the pocket will hold all the other info needed. I'm hoping to get more done tonight so I can send in to give them to look at over the wknd, then we can make a decision and go from there. I'll have to get better ribbon as this one was to thick and of course, once you cut it, it frays!!


Denise Pustelniak said...


Crystal said...

totally BEAUTIFUL design Karen, WOW LOVE the blue!

Kimberly S said...

Looks lovely Karen! The heart and corners are such a pretty touch. :)